For those who know hockey, the Zamboni is an integral part of the game. The funny looking machine floods the rink with hot water and when the temperature is just right, you have a fresh sheet of ice. Well many of us East Coasters had to deal with God’s own version of a Zamboni and flooded our houses and streets. Philly (e.g. Manayunk and Darby. Stay strong.) and the surrounding area got hit while most of us were getting some shut eye. It is amazing how the same thing we drink can be so destructive when in large amounts. To think that Noah had to build an ark due to the fact that God flooded the whole Earth is bananas! Times like this shows how little we have control over our own lives. We have had an earthquake and hurricane within the last week or so. I just hope people take these happenings as an opportunity to see how precious our lives are. I’m looking forward to having the Phillies back to playing with the Eagles and FlyBoys following suit. Stay safe my friends. And, yes even in times like these, it is always sunny in Philadelphia.